4 Pearl Drive, Ste #1 Ormond Beach, FL 32174     (386) 677-9355

4 Pearl Drive, Ste #1 Ormond Beach, FL 32174     (386) 677-9355


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Law Enforcement and Chiropractic

The men and women who serve and protect our communities need chiropractic care.  Most police officers sit for hours while wearing belts that put undo pressure onto the lumbar region.  These belts are critical for their jobs, however over long-term use, the belts create an imbalance in the lumbar region of the spine.  This can […] Read More

Overuse Running Injuries

It does not matter if you are an elite athlete or a new runner, overuse injuries can attack us all.  The most common are shin splints, calf strains/sprains, plantar fasciitis, ITB pulls and more.  Normally most individuals will find one leg more prone to the injury versus the other.  This is due to an improper […] Read More

Avoid Gluten!

Everywhere you turn, people are discussing gluten and gluten intolerance.  The evidence that has been coming out discusses the harmful effects of gluten and our body’s inability to digest properly.  Wheat has been genetically altered and this has made it difficult for over 15% of all people to digest gluten.  It is expected another 10% […] Read More

Sleeping 101

Most people ask all the time what is the best position to sleep during night.  There are three ways to sleep; side, back or stomach.  The worst sleeping position is on the stomach and must be changed immediately.  Six to eight hours on the stomach constantly fatigues muscle and strains the spine.  Instead of the […] Read More

Text Neck – What Can You Do?

Living in a mobile era, causes all ages to utilize the neck in extreme manners.  Laptops, phones, iPads or any other device, requires individuals to look down on a screen.  The constant downward position of the head causes added strain to neck musculature and nerves. Training yourself to hold the device to eye level or […] Read More


Bulging and herniated discs normally take decades to slowly deteriorate. By the time you are aware of the breakdown, the damage can be substantial. The effects can be any of the following: severe pain, numbness, sciatica and radiating pain to name a few. At Florida Spine and Wellness Institute, we have the ability to identify […] Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts

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