4 Pearl Dr Ste 1 Ormond Beach, FL 32174     

4 Pearl Dr Ste 1 Ormond Beach, FL 32174     

What is Spinal Decompression

At Florida Spine & Disc Institute in Ormond Beach, FL, we offer spinal decompression treatment to provide pain relief that may be due to a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. Along with that, spinal decompression can help treat back pain or sciatica and improve your overall health. To learn more about the benefits of this method, we invite you to keep reading!


What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is safely stretching the spine to relieve pressure on the discs and spinal nerves. This treatment is painless and is performed with a chiropractic machine. While you may find relief after one session, our chiropractors may recommend a treatment regimen that includes multiple spinal decompression appointments. After an initial exam, we will create a personalized treatment plan for your specific condition.

What Conditions Can Spinal Decompression Treat?

Spinal decompression can be highly beneficial in treating herniated discs. A herniated disc is a spinal disc that gets compressed between two vertebrae until it bulges out of its place. While herniated discs don't always cause pain, they can also result in severe pain. Spinal decompression relieves some of the pressure on the herniated disc, which can provide immediate pain relief. It also allows vital fluids to flow back into the injured disc and speed up the healing process.

While our chiropractors often use spinal decompression to treat herniated discs, this treatment can also be utilized for pinched nerves. Just as with herniated discs, you will feel relief from a pinched nerve once your spine has been stretched. With less pressure on the nerve, your pain will be eliminated and the injured nerve can heal.

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At Florida Spine & Disc Institute in Ormond Beach, FL, we provide effective spinal decompression to help eliminate back pain or discomfort from a herniated disc. To learn more about our treatments and to schedule your appointment with one of our chiropractors, contact us at (386) 677-9355. Our team is dedicated to improving your overall health!

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