Upper back and neck pain is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans. The physical stress our neck has to handle during a daily basis can and will slowly cause breakdown. This can result in neck pain, mid back pain and moderate to severe restriction of motion. Problems with the neck can also cause headaches, sinus issues, allergies, dizziness(vertigo) and inner ear infections to just name a few.

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain – Muscle, Disc, Bone

Poor Posture

Americans live in a society where poor posture is common in children, teens and adults. Years on computers, iPads, tablets, phones couples with poor sitting and sleeping bio-mechanics weaken the neck and upper back causing back pain and neck pain. Poor posture happens over years and as the spine weakens, pain starts to occur. Dr. Harris is an expert in bio-mechanics and not only helps remove back and neck pain but can reshape and strengthen the spine.

Bone Involved Cervical and Upper Back Pain = Subluxations

When the spinal bones lose position with one another, this causes a misalignment and weakens the spine. This weakness can cause pain and inflammation. Dr. Andrew Harris is a Chiropractor who is specially trained in treating subluxations in a speedy and effective manner. Patients feel relief quick with Chiropractic adjustments for their upper back and neck pain and are able to return to normal activity in a short time frame.

Disc Involved Neck and Upper Back Pain

Disc degeneration occurs over many years. The disc breakdown can be a bulge, rupture or even a herniation. Most patients will not feel the effect of the years of breakdown until the disc finally starts to damage a nerve. Usually when a patient starts to feel pain, it is usually extreme in nature. In our Ormond Beach office, Dr. Andrew Harris is able to help alleviate the pain, remove pressure off of the nerve and stabilize the disc so no further degeneration will occur. Chiropractic care is the only way to effectively stop this degeneration.

A complete consultation and examination(including x-rays) with Dr. Harris should be scheduled if you are experiencing any pain in your neck or upper back that does not resolve with 3 to 4 days.