Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck that is often caused by a jolt or force to the area. It is a common car accident or sports injury that may not develop until days after an accident. At Florida Spine & Disc Institute, our chiropractors offer pain relief treatment for patients in Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Daytona, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores. When you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, never delay getting chiropractic care as soon as possible.

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Common Symptoms of Whiplash

When visiting our chiropractic office, patients often complain of pain and stiffness in the neck, nausea, blurred vision, headaches, and dizziness associated with whiplash. When you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to schedule an appointment to get a proper diagnosis quickly.

How We Diagnose Whiplash

To diagnose whiplash properly, our chiropractor takes a history of the injury and your medical history too. Any pre-existing conditions can increase the severity of the whiplash symptoms you’re feeling. A physical exam is conducted, and diagnostic testing may be performed like an x-ray, MRI, or a CT scan. Sometimes they are used as a follow-up to test results too.

Chiropractic Back Pain Relief Treatments

At Florida Spine & Disc Institute, we offer different pain relief treatments to help reduce or eliminate a patient’s whiplash symptoms. They include:

  • Muscle Stimulation (E-Stim): Any injury can lead to difficulty for the muscles to contract. This non-invasive treatment uses an electric current to induce this contraction, which can help relieve some pain from stiffness in the neck.
  • Myofascial Release: When you struggle with back pain or tightness in your body, you may need to use this all-natural back pain relief treatment. Myofascial release relaxes tension points in the body like the neck from whiplash. During this type of massage, we feel for hard spots or knots that need to be broken up. This targeted treatment forces tissue to free, which may help ease some of your pain symptoms quickly.

Schedule An Appointment to Learn About Pain Relief

Are you looking for a chiropractor near you? When you’re looking for ways to relieve your whiplash symptoms, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Florida Spine & Disc Institute. We serve the surrounding areas of Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Daytona, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach Shores. To schedule a visit, call our chiropractic team at 386-677-9355 to begin your journey to pain reduction or total relief. We cannot wait to hear from you.